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910 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Suite 140

Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

(843) 633-1205

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  • What is dry needling?
    Trigger point dry needling is a method in which a small monofilament needle is inserted directly into a muscle to release a point of restriction/pain. Dry needling is used to decrease pain, improve range of motion, and ultimately improve function. 6:33 offers dry needling at no additional cost.
  • What is a run analysis and how will it benefit me?
    A run analysis consists of evaluating one’s running mechanics (either on a treadmill or outside). Video will be used to record the runner and utilize slow motion to assess factors such as foot strike pattern, joint angle, body positioning, and cadence (number of steps per minute). The goal of a running analysis is simple: to keep a runner running! Running is a wonderful hobby, but we know it is all too common for runners to develop injuries. We can help runners improve efficiency, performance, and identify factors to reduce risk of injury. Once these factors are identified, we will create an individualized plan with specific drills and stability/strengthening exercises to get our athletes back on track and running pain-free. Anyone who currently runs or has the goal to begin running can benefit from a run analysis.
  • Why is 6:33 an out-of-network provider?
    In order to provide the highest possible quality of care, 6:33 is not in-network with insurance companies. Since we are not tied to treating how insurance companies dictate, we are able to provide the most effective and individualized treatment plan to each patient. Additionally, we are able to see you one-on-one for a full hour, every single session. We can provide you with a superbill to submit a self-claim to your insurance company. The amount of reimbursement varies based on your individual plan. Many providers within insurance-based clinics must see several patients per hour and leave patients to perform exercises by themselves or pass them to a technician. You never have to worry about this occurring at 6:33, which we believe will help you achieve your goals in fewer visits and save you time.
  • How much does a visit cost?
    6:33 Physical Therapy offers single visit and multiple visit package rates which vary in price. The number of recommended treatment sessions will vary based on your individual condition and goals. To provide us with a bit more information about your needs, please contact us and we will provide you with a good faith cost estimate.
  • Can I get reimbursed by my insurance company?
    Yes, we can give you the necessary receipts to submit a self-claim through your insurance company. The amount of reimbursement will vary based on your plan. Many plans allow for reimbursement of 50-80% of the cost of our services.
  • What should I wear to my appointment?
    Your Doctor of Physical Therapy will spend one full hour with you. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early and wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

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